20 July 2020

Recap: mg官方网站-TEPL webinar series #4

Admin Kos

On 9 July 2020, 新加坡管理大学卓越教学中心举办了“教学奖学金”(SoTL)网络研讨会,主题为“教学驱动课程设计”: Moving beyond technical solutions to create truly engaging and impactful learning experiences. The speaker at the webinar was Dr. David Lefevre, co-founder and current President of the Imperial College eLearning spin-out firm ‘Epigeum’, 以及他于2005年帮助创建的帝国理工商学院EdTech实验室的主任. Dr. Lefevre also helped launch ‘insendi’, a spin-out firm from the Edtech Lab focused on online learning platforms.

During the webinar, which drew an attendance of more than 270 participants across 11 countries, Dr. Lefvere介绍了OSCAR设计模型(组织-结构-组成-审计-审查和更新), 一种结构化和一体化的课程设计方法,提供了一个线性框架,以支持教师和学习设计师创建在线课程. He also addressed queries from the attendees, 特别分享了他关于区别管理“课内”和“课外”教学的建议,以及在在线学习环境中更好地吸引学生并提供有意义的反馈的方法.